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by Charlotte Mendoza-Tec, DMD adapted from Dentalhealth.org
Posted in COVID-19

Your safety is our priority. Here are the changes that CHARM DENTAL CLINIC are implementing to ensure your safety and comfort while looking out for you and your oral health


1. Our doors may be locked, so only expected patients can enter. During this pandemic, it is very important that we minimize people traffic around our clinic to prevent spread and unnecessary contamination of surfaces.
Having said that, NO WALK-IN PATIENTS are allowed as of this time. To schedule an appointment please CLICK HERE.
2. We’re contacting all patients to check they feel well. Nobody with any of COVID-19 can come to the clinic. In the PATIENT RESOURCES.
section of our website, ALL patients with an appointment should fill out all the forms carefully especially the COVID-19 DENTAL SCREENING FORM and COVID-19 CONSENT FORM. This is to ensure that all patients are screened for COVID-19 risk prior to going into the clinic.
3. Arrive alone and on time (rather than early to minimise your time in the waiting room. Each patient will be appointed a strict block of time so that no patients will overlap during their appointed schedule. This is to ensure physical social distancing and measures of disinfection before and after seeing a patient.


1. Protective barrier at reception. We will also ask you to leave your shoes outside the clinic, a foot cover will be provided for you
2. Sanitise your hands on arrival
3. A member of staff may take your temperature
4. You may be asked to wear a protective face mask and shoe covers and to put your belongings in a clean bag
5. Waiting room reorganised for social distancing. It is cleaned frequently and anything that isn't easy to disinfect has been removed


1. Non-urgent procedures may be delayed. This is to protect ourselves from being exposed with too much.
2. The dental team is wearing extra protective equipment. And because of this, please understand the health of our dentist is also a big conceern
3. Well ventilated room. The provision of a well-ventilated room equiped with air purifier with HEPA filter and renovation to become a negative pressure room was already in place
4. Equipments are sterilised. All equipments and dental materials are all clean and sterilized before use.
5. No rinsing. Your mouth will be cleared with suction. The little sink may be removed or covered
6. Emergency procedures, which produce high levels of spray, will be done with a specialised equipment to suction off air particles/mist off and a splash guard to prevent it from being airborne
7. We’re allowing more time between patients for thorough cleaning. Spacing of appointments is necessary so we can disinfect and clean the room prior to the next patient.


1. Pay with a contactless card if you can. But as for now, we accept Gcash and Paymaya
2. Use your own pen on signing your paperwork
3. Post-appointment instructions will be texted or mailed
4. Collect your belongings when you leave.